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Diocese of Sourozh Annual Conference

With a blessing from HE Metropolitan Jean,our archbishop, Fr Porphyrios, Dean of Great Britain and Ireland, attended the annual conference of the Diocese of Sourozh. He concelebrated the Divine Liturgy with HE Metropolitan Nestor of Korsun and Western Europe and HG Bishop Mathew of Sourozh, along with the clergy and faithful of the diocese who’d gathered for the conference. The annual conference, founded many years ago by HE Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, considered ‘Being the Church Today: Tradition and Mission’. Among the speakers were Archpriest Andrew Louth, Igumen Deiniol (Davies), Professor Olga V Chervinska and Hieromonk Giovanni (Guaita). Originally from Italy, Fr Giovanni serves in Moscow. He spoke to the conference about the life and witness of Fr Alexander Men as a peacemaker. Fr Porphyrios travelled to the conference with Dr Martin Shaw, a member of the Orthodox Community of St Pancras of Rome, Exeter.

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